A Priori Definition En Francais

Immutable in all cases: a priori stops; a priori. 2.which implies a deductive reasoning of a general principle with the necessary effect, but is not supported by facts “a priori judgment”, judgment, confirmation, proposal formulated© a priori. a priori a pʁi.ɔ.ʁi or a pʁi.jɔ.ʁi [1] masculine (traditional spelling) 1.in an abstract and non-factual way. Anticipation, hypothesis, preconceived idea, preconceived idea, preconceived notion, prefabricated opinion, prejudice, prejudice. 5.which is based on a hypothesis or theory and not on experience in traditional (unreformed©©) spelling, without emphasizing the a. hypothesis – theoretical -en) – theoretically [derivation] 1.Opinion that does not take into account the observation of reality. who arrives, arrives (at the right time, late…) [Class] Complete©the sentence with the correct form of the verb “boil”: “To put the gums©, you have to wait for water”: based on data©©before the experiment©.