Acp Rules in Hindi

The state government has revised the salary scale of state government employees in accordance with the Rajasthan Civil Service Rules (Revised Remuneration), 2017 w.e.f. 01.10.2017. In accordance with Articles 14 and 15 of these Rules, officials shall be entitled to financial damage. The detailed guidelines for the granting of a secure professional advance (ACP) are as follows: – (7) In disciplinary proceedings, the granting of benefits to ACP States is subject to the rules on normal transport. These cases are therefore governed by the provisions of the Rajasthan Civil Service (Classification, Control and Appeal) Regulations 1958 and the instructions given therein. (5) (i) The regular services for the purposes of granting to the ACP States are as defined in Rule 5(xiri) of the Rajasthan Civil Service Rules 2017 (Revised Remuneration), as set out below. – “5 (xiii) “line service” and includes the service rendered to that position by a government official upon appointment after regular selection in accordance with the provisions of the relevant recruitment rules. The period of service performed on an ad hoc basis / period of urgent temporary service is not counted as an online service. In other words, the length of service that counts for seniority is counted only as an online service. In the case of a pension of an amount lower than that due under the rules. (12) The worker`s financial assessment within the framework of the ACP States must be absolutely personal and must not be compatible with his seniority status. In this case, there is no additional financial appreciation for senior managers on the grounds that the junior employee has reached a higher level according to ACPS at the level. The ACP States shall be postponed from the period during which they were deprived of support.

If the period in this case has not been specified in the order in which the carriage is withdrawn, the ACP contract shall be postponed for a period of 7 years.