Air Rifle Hunting Laws in Illinois

In addition to air rifles, some states allow the use of air arches for big game hunting. § 30-115. Port or unloading on public roads. It is illegal for any person under the age of thirteen (13) to carry air rifles on public roads, roads, highways or public lands in that city, unless such person under the age of thirteen (13) carries such an unloaded rifle. It is illegal for anyone to unload or cross air guns from a road, sidewalk, road, highway or public land or place, except in a safely constructed target area. This happens on private land, and most state laws do not apply to alien wildlife or invasive species hunted on private land. Spring-loaded air guns should be limited to use for small game and pest control, and preloaded air rifles (abbreviated as PCP) can be used for everything from small to very large game with astonishing accuracy. They range from the frequently used .177 caliber to the .50 caliber. For several years, Illinois law treated “air guns” as ordinary weapons under its codes. That changed in 2012 when the law was amended. Current Illinois law only treats air guns as firearms if they have a caliber greater than 0.18 and/or a muzzle velocity of more than 700 feet per second. A stun gun or taser is :(1) any device powered by units of electrical charge, such as batteries, that pulls one or more beards attached to a piece of wire and can emit electricity when a person is hit, which can disrupt the person`s nervous system in such a way that it can no longer function normally; or(2) Any device powered by electrical charging devices, such as batteries, which, in contact with a human or clothing worn by a human, may emit electricity that may disrupt the person`s nervous system in such a way that it can no longer function normally.

Weapon means any firearm, knife, air rifle or pistol, slingshot, bow and arrow, spear or other device used or intended to be used to cause injury, injury or death to a person or animal. Illinois law prohibits anyone other than a parent or guardian from providing or selling an air rifle to a minor under the age of 13. Similarly, it is illegal in the State for a minor under the age of 13 to possess a loaded air rifle on the streets, in parks or on other public property. Minors can only keep air guns if they are kept in the family home and used on private property or for a group or association. You are not allowed to use an air rifle for hunting, each state has set its own standards for minimum calibers and performance levels that can be used for game of different sizes. §§ 74-292. – Air guns and other miscellaneous firearms. (a) it is unlawful for a student under the age of 21 to knowingly enter public or private elementary or secondary school buildings or other public property within the city limits:(1)Any firearm; (2) any air pistol, including an air pistol or an air rifle, designed to carry a BB, lead or other projectile by releasing compressed air, spring, carbon dioxide or other gases; or(3) Any other dangerous weapon that may cause actual threats or bodily harm, including but not limited to any other type of martial arts device. (b) Any person who violates this article is guilty of a minor offence. c) This section does not apply to persons who participate in a sponsored competition for firearms, martial arts or weapons on the school grounds after the approval of the school. (Order No.

858F, § 1(132.14), 4-4-94) § 18-72. – Seizure and withdrawal. Every police officer shall confiscate, remove, remove or cause to be removed any air rifle sold or used in any manner in violation of this service at the owner`s expense. (Ordinance No. 58-0-05; Ordinance No. 8-0-12, (49-0-11(exh. B, § 9-14-1)), 23.01.2012)9-14-2. PROPERTY PROHIBITED.No person possesses an “air rifle” within the meaning of section 9-14-1 of this chapter in the City of Evanston. (Ordinance No. 58-0-05; Ordinance No.

8-0-12, (49-0-11(exh. B, § 9-14-2)), 23.01.2012) According to the law, 100% of the royalties you pay for hunting, fishing or trapping go to the financing of state wildlife resources and conservation programs. This contributes to the fact that there will be hunting and fishing opportunities for future generations. Remember to always check the air rifle hunting laws in your area before going hunting. Air rifles capable of killing game the size of an American bison have been around since the 1700s. Lewis and Clark carried an air rifle on their famous expedition to the west. §§ 30-419. You should contact your state`s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for up-to-date revisions to the Air Force`s 2021 hunting laws. § 18-7 – Use of weapons to kill or injure animals.

(a) No person shall kill or injure an animal within the limits of the city using a firearm, a slingshot, a bow and arrow, a BB pistol, an air rifle or any other dangerous weapon, or attempt to kill or injure, provided that this section does not prohibit a person from defending himself or attacking an animal. (b) This article does not prohibit the use of a weapon by a police officer to destroy seriously injured animals in order to avoid unnecessary suffering or in self-defence. (Ordinance No. 99-10028, § G, 7-8-1999) § 42-182 – Unloading of firearms. It is illegal for any person to unload or fire any type of weapon or weapon within the city limits, whether the cargo is propelled by compressed air, gas, powder, spring or other means, except in premises used by a duly authorized weapons club, shooting gallery or shooting club, or except in areas designated and declared as hunting areas by the municipal council of that city. Highland Silver Lake of the City at the time and in the manner set out in paragraph (c) of section 42-181 of this Code.