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Whittlesea Community Connections Community Legal Service provides free legal assistance to people who live, work or study in the Town of Whittlesea and surrounding communities. Fitzroy Legal Service offers free legal advice, records, information and referrals in areas of activity such as criminal law, family law, domestic violence, violations, victims of criminal assistance, civil law, tenancy and employment law. For some criminal cases (in certain circumstances), a paid service is available. Whittlesea Community Legal ServicePhone: 9401 6655 Email: [email protected]Web: www.whittleseacommunityconnections.org.auWhittlesea Community ConnectionsShop 111 Epping PlazaEpping VIC 3076 Loddon Campaspe Community Legal Centre provides free legal information, advice, referrals and some cases to people living in Bendigo, Loddon, Campaspe, Mt Alexander, Central Goldfields and parts of the Macedon Ranges. Areas of practice include: general civil affairs, complaints about government services, petty crime, domestic violence, family law, child protection, and loans and debts. Our work is divided into four main categories: legal information and recommendations, legal advice and case handling, municipal legal information, and legal reform and advocacy. We can provide legal assistance in relation to a number of legal matters, and if we are unable to assist you, we may provide legal information or a referral to the appropriate service to assist you. Our office in Epping contains a wide range of legal brochures and brochures that are made available to the public free of charge. To contact us, please call our legal reception at (03) 9401 6666 during business hours or call the WCC offices, store 111 in Pacific Epping. The top 10 types of problems encountered at Whittlesea Community Legal Services were: (1) child contact orders, (2) children`s residence, (3) divorce, (4) family and family violence orders, (5) other family law matters such as parenting matters, (6) separation, (7) traffic offences, (8) property and marriage, (9) other civil cases and (10) road accidents.

They rightly argue that family law, as it falls directly under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth government, warrants the Whittlesea Community Legal Service being one of five of the 38 centres in Victoria that do not receive funding. Victoria Legal AidPhone: 1300 792 387Web: www.legalaid.vic.gov.au Youthlaw provides free legal information and advice to people under the age of 25 in Victoria. They provide a range of services, including legal representation (on a case-by-case basis), general legal information on issues such as bullying and crime, and support for youth who have been victims of crime. They also tell you about police powers and your right to arrest. Juvenile Justice The following legal services are committed to joining the ICV Islamophobia Support referral network and providing support and services to the community. They all provided information to the ICV to prove their qualifications, registrations, memberships, and ability to provide culturally appropriate services. Please contact us if you would like to know more about these legal services. Inner Melbourne Community Legal (IMCL) is a generalist law firm with core competencies in all areas of law associated with common life issues: family law, domestic violence, criminal law, fines, tenavenues, debts and victims of crime. You also have a financial advisor in the same location. IMCL provides a multi-layered level of service based on client needs, including legal advice, functions, case handling and court representation. They provide legal education primarily to community service workers to train them to identify common life problems that have a legal solution, and refer people to IMCL for legal aid.

IMCL supports people who live, work, study or use services in the City of Melbourne. Get FREE legal help from our team of lawyers while you enjoy a fresh cup of your favorite coffee. www.whittleseacommunityconnections.org.au/community-legal-services West Heidelberg Municipality Law Center provides free legal assistance, including advice and ongoing processing of municipal legal cases, referrals, information and information. Access to services is a priority for Banyule residents, but can help clients in other areas, depending on the legal issue and the centre`s capacity. 1300 792 387 8:00-18:00, Mon – Fri, Mon – Fri Chatwww.legalaid.vic.gov.au Legal Assistance If you look at the range of services offered by the Whittlesea Community Legal Service, we see that they are not just based in their office at Epping Plaza Mall, next to Whittlesea Community Connections; It provides outreach services in the Township of Whittlesea, provides outreach services to Kildonan Child and Family Services in McDonald Road, Epping, and provides outreach services in Mill Park through Mill Park Neighbourhood House. Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) provides free advice, information and recommendations on legal issues through its Legal Helpline and Legal Help Chat. Legal advice is subject to the eligibility guidelines. You can speak to VLA in your language. M.

JENKINS (7:50 p.m.) – Thanks to state government funding and immense community support and participation, the Whittlesea Community Legal Service officially opened to the public on June 1, 2004. It operates as a Whittlesea Community Connections program and has gained great status within the community as a valuable legal service provider during its two years of existence.